zap-genzapGEN is a a product from Zap Technologies that can help you for the Performance Testing of Cross Platform mobile apps. zapGEN runs on Both devices and Simulator.

Using zapGEN same script can be run on any platform like iOS, Android, WinMo, Blackberry, Windows, Mac, and UNIX.

ZAP SmartAnalysis, you can briefly evaluate the performance Testing Results which takes performance Testing to a different Level.

zapGEN allows its userss to leverage QTP (QuickTest Professional) and ZAP-fiX based scripts for performance testing. Instantly execute any script on HP Functional Technologies (ATP/UFT/BPT) to measure application performance

You can take full advantage of QTP & Zap-fix based scripts by using zapGEN for the performance Testing of mobile apps.You can also execute the scripts on HP Functional Technologies (ATP/UFT/BPT)to analyze the performance of the app.

You can have a look on this video to see the working on zapGEN:

You can get some information on ZAP-Fix website by clicking here