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Interview Questions on Mobile Application Testing!!!well I know very well, many of you must have been in search of this thing since so long.Starting from a beginner in this domain to an expert, everyone  is very keen to know what are the different question they may come across  in there interview.Here in my post I have shared some interview questions which me or my friends have come across in there interviews for the post of Mobile Software Testers. I hope this will help you:-

  1. What is the difference between Mobile Testing and Mobile Application Testing ?
  2. What is your approach while Testing Mobile Applications?
  3. Have you ever written a Test Plan?What are the things specific to Mobile Application would you emphasis on while writing test plan for Mobile Applications?
  4. Do you know Facebook?Tell me what are the High level test cases for Facebook Web Application and for Facebook Mobile Application?
  5. Can you please let me know,the devices you have worked upon?
  6. Testing of Mobile Application on Emulators.Can you let me know your view?
  7. Have you ever worked on any automation tool for Testing Mobile Application?
  8. Please tell me about your project.What kind of Mobile Applications have you worked upon?
  9. Do you have Idea about Mobile Operating Systems?
  10. Blackberry Devices have which Operating system?
  11. What is current iOS (iphone OS) version?
  12. You have two cases. 1st you can not disconnect your call and 2nd you can not send SMS from your devices.Tell me Severity and Priority in both the cases?
  13. What are different Mobile Platforms/OS?
  14. What are the different way you can install a Mobile Application?
  15. Have you ever worked on Device Anywhere?Do you have experience of working on it?
  16. Do you have Idea about application certification program like True Brew Testing(TBT),Symbian Signed Test Criteria,Java Verified Program?
  17. See this application(Interviewer is given a Handset with a Mobile Application installed).Tell me what are the bugs in this Mobile application/Game.?
  18. Have you ever worked on LBS Application ?
  19. How will you test a Location Based Mobile Application?
  20. How will you perform Performance Testing for a Mobile Application?

Well there are lot more Mobile Application Testing  Interview Questions to be added.I will incorporate rest of the questions in My Next Post.Till then Have a Nice Time  🙂

Adding some more Quetions provided by our Reader Mr.rajendra prasad reddy

Some mobile handset,messaging related, GPS related questions:-

  1. Can you name some performance testing tool.
  2. Can you explain some file format for multimedia testing (audio and video)
  3. How to write bluetooth the test case for stress, give me 20 example.
  4. Explain the WAP protocol stack.
  5. Explain the type of testing you have done in mobile application testing.
  6. How basic phone is different from smart phone in testing perspective
  7. Which android version you tested ?
  8. Write few scenarios for any feature in a mobile phone other than browser.
  9. Do you know about android?
  10. Explain the Architecture of android
  11. Load Testing on Mobile and Web application.
  12. Test conditions for touch screen mobiles(landscape and portrait).
  13. Explain about the mobile application project that you worked in previous company?
  14. How you did performance testing for mobile application in your previous organization.
  15. Can you name some performance testing tool. 12 What do you understand by Multimedia testing in mobile devices.
  16. What is mobile memory leakage, have you tested that?, which tools have you used.
  17. On which mobile u have tested the browser?
  18. Types of devices tested during mobile application testing?
  19. writing high level scenario’s for any mobile features(I selected Calling)
  20. Different types of DRM
  21. What is combined delivery?
  22. Is it possible to transfer seperate delivery contents to memory card then to other phone?
  23. can we open seperate delivery files, if we have rights and contents copied from memory card?
  24. what different types of browser contents tested?25.Any idea of SDK?
  25. Any idea of VPN?
  26. Explain the type of testing you have done in mobile application testing.
  27. How GPRS works?
  28. How GPS works internally.
  29. What is GPS how did you tested
  30. About GPS and A-GPS.
  31. Write test cases on Camera feature.
  32. That are the mobile platforms you worked on?
  33. What is Android and what are the extra features in Android?
  34. A mobile number contains 10 digits, which kind of method you follow to test a mobile number on a telephone keypad?
  35. What is Bluetooth and how you test them?
  36. what is the extension of android application?
  37. Explain abt tools used in Mobile Handset Testing.
  38. How to test SMS, MMS and what is Class1, class2 message.
  39. Test cases for Alarm , Settings , Media player , Browser , Bluetooth ?
  40. On which mobile u have tested the browser?
  41. What all the GSM mobile you have tested?
  42. Bug Tracking Tool – JIRA
  43. What are the BT profiles, give some examples.
  44. What BT profiles supported in Froyo and not supported in Eclairs.
  45. What is the MMS size and is it network dependent ?
  46. Latest version of OMA DRM
  47. when message with 500 character sent what happens
  48. Write any five test cases for Messaging Subsystem?
  49. What kind of mobile application i have tested?
  50. What do you understand by Multimedia testing in mobile devices.

Adding few more quetions which are provided by Mr. Maulik:

Below are list of question which i faced recently:(Maulik):
[Android Mobile Testing]

1. Android Architecture.
2. List ADB Command.
3. Diff between 4.0 – 5.0 version [changes].
4. How to take logs? List all type of logs?
5. Common question diff betven priority vs severity?
6. Android/IOS/Windows/Blackberry all device application fileformat?
7. What is DDMS?
8. How to update any application through adb command?
9. Agile Methodology?
10. Compatibility,Retesting,Regression,Model Upgrade,GUI,Sanity testing?
11. how to create Emulator and simulator?
12. Challenges while testing any New Apps?
13. How to take kernel level log?
14. How to identify particular issue is it Application or System Issue?
15. Traceability Matrix?
16. List all technique used while creating TestCase?

Have you faced any interview for Mobile App Testing? Help us prepare better….Share your experience or questions!!!